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Bachelor of Environments students will be eligible for Master of Engineering programs in five specialisations

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Our distinctive engineering program recognises the evolving needs of industry and students, and is accredited by Engineers Australia.Q You will gain the skills and knowledge you need to forge a successful career in this exciting and diverse industry, anywhere in the world.

How to study Engineering at Melbourne

To become a professionally accredited engineer you’ll complete a three-year bachelors degree with an engineering major or sequence, followed by a two- year Master of Engineering. Engineering majors are available in the following degrees: 

  • „„Bachelor of Biomedicine „„
  • Bachelor of Environments
  • „„Bachelor of Science.

A sequence of engineering subjects is available in the Bachelor of Commerce.

If you select an engineering major or sequence you’ll study engineering foundation subjects from day one of your first year. You will get project- based experience in the different types of engineering. You’ll pursue a specialisation in your second year, which will become your focus through to the Master of Engineering.

You’ll graduate with a bachelors and a masters degree and enter the engineering profession at an advanced level with a professionally recognised qualification and the ideal combination of technical, analytical, business and interpersonal skills.

Master of Engineering and Master of Engineering (with Business)

The Master of Engineering is designed to produce graduate engineers with outstanding personal and professional qualities. Graduates will gain technical expertise, industry exposure, professional accreditation, and an insight into the social, environmental and economic aspects of real-world engineering problem-solving. Graduates develop communication, teamwork and project management skills, along with advanced skills in their chosen engineering specialisation.

The Master of Engineering is available in 11 technical specialisations: Biomedical Engineering, Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geomatics, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Software Engineering and Structural Engineering. 

Recognising that today’s engineering students are tomorrow’s business leaders, there are five new specialisations available in the Master of Engineering (with Business), leading to both an engineering qualification and a business specialisation. The new specialisations are Chemical with Business, Civil with Business, Electrical with Business, Mechanical with Business and Software with Business.

Career outcomes

There is a critical shortage of engineers worldwide. New engineering specialisations are emerging to tackle today’s environmental and technological challenges. Qualified engineers in all fields are in demand and can command high salaries. Our graduates work around the world, building successful careers with top international companies such as SKM, Google, Boeing, ExxonMobil, Ford, Toshiba, Kodak, Shell, KPMG and Ericsson. The Melbourne Accelerator Program is the University’s incubator, offering mentorship, seed funding and support to our student and graduate entrepreneurs who have great ideas for startup businesses.

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Professional recognition

Students who complete an undergraduate degree with appropriate studies in engineering, followed by the Master of Engineering, will receive accreditation as a professional engineer. You will have the freedom to work as an accredited professional wherever your travels take you. 

The University’s Master of Engineering programs are the first in Australia to be accredited in Europe under the EUR- ACE® system, allowing graduates to work in continental Europe. 

The Master of Engineering is also accredited by Engineers Australia, a signatory to the Washington Accord, which allows graduates to work as professional engineers in 12 of the world’s leading economies, including the US, UK, Canada and Singapore.

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