Environments majors: Engineering Systems

Engineers use creativity, analytical skills and scientific understanding to make things happen in the real world. They shape our essential infrastructure such as roads and public transport, and ensure our communities have access to clean drinking water. This major will offer a fundamental grounding in how the built environment interacts with the natural environment through foundation study in civil and environmental engineering.

Through this course I knew I would be able to explore this inherently multidisciplinary field and make an informed choice about what career to pursue.

Rebecca completed an internship with Arup and has chosen to enrol in a Master of Engineering (Civil).
Rebecca Chau, BEnvs Engineering Systems major

Career outcomes

This major is a pathway to the two year Master of Engineering, with specialisations in either civil, structural or environmental engineering. The Master of Engineering is the first Australian course to be accredited both by EUR-ACE® and Engineers Australia, meaning graduates can work as chartered engineers in leading global economies like the USA, UK, Japan and continental Europe.

At the masters level you will also have the opportunity to combine your technical engineering specialisation with fundamental business and management skills, as part of the Civil with Business specialisation, co-developed with Melbourne Business School.

A vast range of career options are available for civil, structural or environmental engineers, in areas including construction, manufacturing, utilities, transportation, energy and sustainability, catchment management and conservation.

Careers in Civil Engineering – Jayne Richardson

Sample Course Plan

Sample Course Plan – Bachelor of Environments
Majoring in Engineering Systems*
Year 1Semester 1Changing MelbourneReshaping EnvironmentsCalculusBreadth
Semester 2Natural EnvironmentsStructural EnvironmentsLinear AlgebraBreadth
Year 2Semester 1Engineering MathematicsEngineering MechanicsEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Semester 2Engineering MaterialsEarth Processes for EngineeringEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Year 3Semester 1Engineering Risk AnalysisFluid MechanicsMajor selectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective
Semester 2Systems Modelling and Design (capstone)Major selectiveStructural Theory and Design (strongly recommended)Breadth OR Environments Elective

* For students commencing in Semester 1with VCE Specialist Maths 3/4 (study score of 25) or equivalent.

This is a sample course plan only. Subjects do not have to be taken in this order. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

First-year subjects
Enabling subjects
Major subject
Elective subject
Breadth subject
Free points
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