Environments majors: Environmental Geography

Environmental Geography combines knowledge of natural environments with an understanding of how human societies work in order to address a range of issues and problems associated with environmental management.

You will explore ideas of nature and ‘naturalness’, such as the ways in which nature is enclosed, exploited, protected or traded, and the main theories and methods used in examining environmental and development problems. You will also analyse policy options for those concerned with environmental management in both developed and developing countries.

The major combines philosophical and “applied geography” approaches with a strong environmental focus. Geographers study the spatial distribution of different objects (languages, soils, climate, species, economic activities, transportation routes, etc.) and seek to understand the causes and consequences of spatial variation.


Once you complete your major in Environmental Geography you will have the option of undertaking a fourth-year honours program which includes a research project. Entry to honours is based on undergraduate results.

Studying Geography, and focussing particularly on the human realm, has given me tools to think more critically about the society I both inhabit and embody.

Vickie Zhang, Environmental Geography major

Career outcomes

Graduates of this major find employment in a range of organisations and in government, specialising in areas such as biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, disaster risk management, international development, and natural resource management. Students may also wish to pursue graduate study in areas such as geography and the environment.

Generator 2012 – Krislyn Tan (Environmental Geographies Politics and Cultures)

Sample Course Plan

Sample Course Plan – Bachelor of Environments
Majoring in Environmental Geography*
Year 1Semester 1Changing MelbourneEnvironments electiveEnvironments electiveBreadth
Semester 2Urban EnvironmentsEnvironments electiveEnvironments electiveBreadth
Year 2Semester 1Society and EnvironmentsEnvironmental Politics and ManagementEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Semester 2Major ElectiveMajor ElectiveEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Year 3Semester 1Sustainable Development (capstone)Major ElectiveMajor ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective
Semester 2Major ElectiveMajor ElectiveEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective

* This is a sample course plan only. Subjects do not have to be taken in this order. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

First-year subjects
Enabling subjects
Major subject
Elective subject
Breadth subject
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