Environments majors: Landscape Management

Landscape Management major is designed to give you an understanding of the living and social systems required to plan and manage a range of outdoor environments – from urban parks to wilderness areas. Explore the physical and social components of landscapes – the flora, fauna, soils, water and people, and the complex relationships between them.

You will gain an understanding of ecosystems in the context of management issues and strategies while learning how to manage and protect landscapes, thereby generating positive change.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to address issues surrounding urban and rural parks, bushfires, conservation and restoration, and sustainable use of forests and other natural resources.

Practical exercises are also included in this major, such as fieldwork through our heritage-listed gardens at the Burnley campus, providing you with solution-based experience.


Once you complete your major in Landscape Management you will have the option of undertaking a fourth-year honours program which includes a research project. Entry to honours is based on undergraduate results.

My best field trip was definitely to Williamstown beach for the subject on ecology. We undertook a research project on the distribution and abundance of intertidal organisms whereby we learned data collection, statistical analysis, interpretation of results and as well as writing in the form of a scientific paper.

Irene completed her bachelor degree in 2014 and is now working as a horticulturalist with Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.
Chong Jia Zhen (Irene), BEnvs Landscape Management major

Career outcomes

Through its emphasis on solution-based learning and practical fieldwork, the Landscape Management major leads to employment in the landscape, horticulture or natural resource management industries. Or you may wish to pursue graduate study or research in areas such as the environment, forest ecosystem science or urban horticulture.

Generator 2011 – Chris Porter (Landscape Management)

Sample Course Plan

Sample Course Plan – Bachelor of Environments
Majoring in Landscape Management*
Year 1Semester 1Changing MelbourneBiology of Australian Flora and FaunaNatural EnvironmentsBreadth
Semester 2Reshaping EnvironmentsUrban Environments OR Productive Environments OR Governing EnvironmentsEnvironments electiveBreadth
Year 2Semester 1Leaves to LandscapeMajor ElectiveEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Semester 2EcologySoil and Water ResourcesGreening LandscapesBreadth
Year 3Semester 1Human Behaviour and EnvironmentMajor ElectiveEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective
Semester 2Integrated Landscape Problem Solving (capstone)Major ElectiveEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective

* This is a sample course plan only. Subjects do not have to be taken in this order. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

First-year subjects
Enabling subjects
Major subject
Elective subject
Breadth subject
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