Environments majors: Property

The Property major focuses on developing an understanding of the ownership, development, management, feasibility, funding and investment, and occupation of land and buildings.

You will learn about contemporary planning issues, trends in the property discipline, and how the application of construction practices and structural design can add value to developments. The mix of disciplines that comprise this course are particularly targeted at industry needs, and have contributed to successful outcomes for our graduates.

Studies include the full range of skills and specialisations needed for a professional career in this fast-paced and exciting industry.

These include:

  • „„economics,
  • „„investment and finance „„
  • market research
  • „„feasibility
  • „„development
  • „„valuation and management „„
  • construction
  • „„urban planning and
  • „„law

The flexibility of our Bachelor of Environments course enables our students to combine additional studies in related disciplines such as international business, legal studies, information technology and systems, languages or the arts.

Environments degree built a foundation of property valuation, management and development as well as having a wider knowledge from other aspects of the built environment such as urban planning and design and construction.

Alex is currently undertaking a Masters of Property at the Melbourne School of Design.
Alex Briggs, BEnvs Property major

Career outcomes

Once you graduate from the Bachelor of Environments, you can enter the workforce or continue on to the Master of Property to build further expertise. Employment opportunities at both undergraduate and graduate level include roles in property valuation, land economics, property management, property analysis, property investment and property development.

Sample Course Plan

Sample Course Plan – Bachelor of Environments
Majoring in Property*
Year 1Semester 1Changing MelbourneEnvironments elective (Property Environments recommended)Introductory Microeconomics1Breadth
Semester 2Environments electiveConstructing EnvironmentsIntroductory Macroeconomics  (recommended)1, 2Breadth
Year 2Semester 1Principles of PropertyConstruction Industry Studies - PropertyEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Semester 2Principles of Property ValuationInvestment and Finance for PropertyEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Year 3Semester 1Property Resource AnalysisProperty Case StudiesEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective
Semester 2Property Analysis Studio (capstone)Property ManagementEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective

* For students commencing in Semester 1with VCE Specialist Maths 3/4 (study score of 25) or equivalent.

This is a sample course plan only. Subjects do not have to be taken in this order. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

1 This subject can also be taken as Breadth instead of Enabling in order to keep major options open.

2 Students are NOT required to complete recommended subjects in order to complete a major.

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