Environments majors: Spatial Systems

Spatial Systems is the study of the science and technology of 3D measurement, mapping and visualisation, also known as geomatics. It is concerned with capturing, analysing, managing
and presenting spatial information. Spatial information experts develop the technology that lies behind search and rescue efforts, GPS, Google Earth and mobile location-based services such as Foursquare and Facebook check in.

Spatial information is an essential and indispensable part of any economy’s infrastructure. It is needed in all walks of life and on many scales, with applications including land tenure systems, environmental modelling, food production, disaster management, health and artificial intelligence.

In our final year research project we were given a lot of freedom to choose our project question and subject site. As a result our team visited a number of different sites to find our project location. This task gave us a real insight into how fieldwork is completed in the industry and the many challenges you can face.

Emma is now studying a Master of Engineering (Spatial) at the Melbourne School of Engineering.
Emma Eltringham, BEnvs Spatial Systems major

Career outcomes

Once you graduate from the Bachelor of Environments, you can enter the workforce or continue on to the Master of Engineering (Spatial) provisionally accredited by Engineers Australia, the Royal Institutions of Chartered Surveyors,  EUR-ACE® and in a specialist form by the Surveyors Registration Board of Victoria. You can also pursue graduate study in the information technology space via the Master of Information Technology (Spatial).

A diverse range of careers is available in the spatial industry in areas including computer-based mapping and modelling, hydrographic, land and engineering surveying, web mapping, and IT systems engineering and consulting.

Sample Course Plan

Sample Course Plan – Bachelor of Environments
Majoring in Spatial Systems*
Year 1Semester 1Changing MelbourneEnvironments electiveCalculus 2Breadth
Semester 2Environments ElectiveMapping Environments 
Linear AlgebraBreadth
Year 2Semester 1Applications of GISEngineering ComputationEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Semester 2Surveying and MappingDatabase SystemsEnvironments ElectiveBreadth
Year 3Semester 1Enginnering Risk AnalysisImaging the EnvironmentEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective
Semester 2Integrated Spatial Systems (capstone)Land Administration SystemsEnvironments ElectiveBreadth OR Environments Elective

* For students commencing in Semester 1with VCE Specialist Maths 3/4 (study score of 25) or equivalent.

This is a sample course plan only. Subjects do not have to be taken in this order. Subjects offered may change from year to year. You will be advised of current subject offerings prior to subject selection and enrolment.

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Enabling subjects
Major subject
Elective subject
Breadth subject
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